Selling a junk car is comparable to selling other utilized machinery. The “used” status of the tools inspires some probable buyers to haggle until the price is excessively low. How low is excessively low? It eventually depends on the car you’re selling. Below are four reasons that can significantly impact how much Margate, Florida, car buyer offers you for a junker.

Average Junker Price

The normal junk car price ranges from unevenly $200 to about $400. Junk car yards know this and often use it as a reference for the quoted cost. If the offer doesn’t fall between these amounts, request an offer from two other purchasers. You may get a significantly better offer – and that’s the one you want, as long as it comes from a trustworthy junk car yard near me.

Type of Automobile

Some vehicles get you a better offer than others. For example, you may get a highly reasonable price because parts for your general model car are in high demand. Or you may get a larger than expected offer for a pickup truck because trucks tend to have a longer life than vehicles. This means parts for trucks can be in high demand for an extended period of time.

Car Inventory

Professionally functioned junkyards usually move cars in and out of the salvage yard quickly, but there are also cases when the list is oversaturated with a specific model. For example, if a Toyota model happened to have a security or engineering issue that made an entire production run lemon vehicles, a huge proportion of the vehicles could end up offered to a Margate, Florida, car buyer. With that said, if you shop around, you should find a buyer for your junk car.

Vehicle Price Guides

Respected car price guides, such as Kelley Blue Book, list the fair market value (FMV) of cars in numerous conditions, from nearly new to broken and apparently running on their last piston. Most junkyards don’t mind paying the FMV or being close to it. But remember: The more resalable parts the car contains, the more it is probable to be worth. The more mechanical problems it has, the less probable it is to be worth it.